This year, as a component of Lancer Sponsor, we are introducing GrandLancer sponsors.    A GrandLancer is anyone—other than an MBE parent—who would like to support MBE. A GrandLancer might be a grandparent, neighbor, or any other special friend of an MBE student.  We would be happy to receive donations of any amount from a GrandLancer, and we plan to use the donations to focus on classroom libraries. For a GrandLancer willing to make a donation of $50 or more, the donation will fund a new book for their MBE student’s classroom library.  We will include a nameplate in the book that recognizes both the GrandLancer and the student. We also plan to send each GrandLancer at least two e-newsletters during the year to update them about the goings-on at MBE!   


Support Mountain Brook Elementary PTO by becoming a GrandLancer Sponsor today!


You can make a donation online by CLICKING HERE. 


If you would prefer to send a check, please download the GrandLancer Form


and mail it with a check payable to “Lancer PTO” and mail to:


Lancer PTO, P.O. Box 530482, Mountain Brook, AL 35253 




Frequently Asked Questions 


What is a GrandLancer?

Anyone, other than an MBE parent, who would like to support Mountain Brook Elementary.


Is there a certain amount a GrandLancer has to donate?

No, we are appreciative of any donation amount.  However, we do ask for a donation of $50 or more per student if you would like to fund a new book for your MBE student's classroom library. This will help cover the program costs and the book.  We will include a nameplate in the book that recognizes both the GrandLancer and the student.  You will also receive two e-newsletters during the year to update you about news and events at MBE.


What if I have more than one MBE student and I would like to donate to each of their classroom libraries?  For example, I have 3 grandchildren at MBE.  

If you donate at least $150 ($50 per student), each student will receive a library book in their classroom with both the GrandLancer's and student’s name on the book nameplate.


What does it mean on the form when asking "how would you like your name to appear on the library book nameplate?”

A GrandLancer may prefer their name to appear on the book nameplate one of the following ways: 


To: Johnny Smith

From: Papa & Mimi


To: Johnny Smith

From:  Mr. and Mrs.  John Smith


To: Johnny Smith

From: Jane & John Smith


What if I donate $100 and only have 1 student at MBE?  Does that mean the student will get 2 books for their classroom library?

No, although the amount is very appreciated, we are limiting GrandLancer book gifts to one library book per student per GrandLancer.


I would like to donate but would rather my donation not go to a classroom library. Can I still give?

Yes, it is not necessary that a classroom library book be donated in your student's honor.  If you would rather your donation not go to the library but instead to general MBE PTO funds, please do not put your name in the text box on the form.


Will I get a tax-deductible donation receipt?

Yes.  A receipt will be emailed to you.

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